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Click here for the 2016 Illinois Republican Party platform.

In 2016, Madison County turned red for the first time since the Great Depression-era, as the first Republican County Board Chairman was elected, and more GOP seats were gained on the County Board. It was also the second consecutive time the majority of the county voted for a Republican U.S. President. We hope to continue, with your help, to turn things around as more and more MadCo residents are growing sick of higher taxes and Illinois government corruption. 

As the saying always goes, this upcoming election is the most important one. In this case for Illinois, truer words can’t been spoken. Illinois is now the 6th largest populated state in the U.S. (was #5 for a number of years) due to recent years of IL  residents’ exodus. Every four minutes, an Illinoisan moves to a neighboring state. Speaker Mike Madigan is giving millions of dollars to defeat Republicans across the state. What’s more, another factor in this election is that if the Democrats continue to run the General Assembly and Senate, they will have the power to draw the maps of our districts. 

Not many people vote in mid-term elections. There are many reasons for that – some may feel that their vote doesn’t count or non-Presidential elections don’t make much of a difference. The truth….every election makes a difference – and so do you! Get out and vote on November 6th!

Please take the time to get to know the candidates who are running on the Republican ticket, of all levels. A profile page was created for every one of them. They need your support. You can stay up-to-date through their social media pages and their websites. 

If you would like a sign from one of our candidates or two, or a lot, please don’t hesitate to contact us or anyone running. We have plenty and there’s enough space to put them all around Madison County!