2019 Spring Elections

It’s very hard to believe at this point, just as we’re going through the post-2018 November election times, there’s more coming up soon! On April 2, 2019, the state of Illinois will have elections – mostly focused on cities and towns, as well as school boards and such.

The 2019 Spring elections are just as important as any election. No national or state-wide offices are at stake, but it is up to you – the voter – to decide who plays a part in your community.  Over 100 people in Madison County have filed to be on their local ballot. While none of the positions are partisan, we encourage everyone to get to know the candidates in your area. We will have a spotlight on some of the conservative candidates as election time nears.

For a list of all candidates (not including possible write-ins) that have filed to be on the ballot, click HERE.

Please check out the party’s Endorsements!


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