Adam Micun – Coroner

Serving The Community

If you have attended a charity event in the region, you have probably seen me there asadam micun - Copy the auctioneer. In gratitude for all that we have received in life, my wife and I donate our time in this capacity to help raise revenue for local and national charities alike. This fulfills our desire to give back to the community I love and support, while helping charities achieve their objectives, as well. These charities are under a constant scrutiny to be as responsible as possible with these funds, and I often participate in various board meetings to ensure this occurs.

Commitment to Emergency Services & Safety

I became a volunteer firefighter in the Philadelphia suburbs in 1989 and spent nearly a decade as a Chief Officer while serving on the city’s emergency management committee. Professionally, I spent nearly 20 years in the oil and gas industry as an expert in health, safety, and environmental regulations. During that time, I was fortunate enough to share my passion for safety with multiple regions throughout the county by partnering with labor, industry, and OSHA to establish safety councils that returned millions of dollars in redundancy costs to the regions where they operated, allowing industry to spend less on administrative costs, and put more workers on the tools instead of unemployment. 

At the heart of this are the hard-working men and women of America who labor tirelessly to support their families. Whether it is the business-owner, professional employee, craftsman, first responder, or military servant; the objective is the same. Return home each day, the same way you left, and provide a living for their families.micunformadisonco

Adam is running for Madison County Coroner, and will be on the November 5 ballot.

More information coming soon!


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