Doug Jameson – District 113


Veteran. Public Servant. Community Leader. 


Born in Arkansas, Doug enlisted in the Army after graduating high school. He would advance through nine ranks to Major. He served a variety of roles on three continents, gaining expertise in both Intelligence and Operations and Acquisition and Logistics. Ultimately, Doug’s military career brought him to Scott Air Force Base. There he retired and was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal.

Doug is heavily involved in several professional, community service, and fraternal organizations. As a Shriner, Doug has teamed up with men all over the world to help underprivileged youth. As an NRA member, Doug has fought to protect our God given rights. As Central Committee Chairman of the St. Clair Republican Party, Doug has worked alongside civic leaders at all levels of government. His day job is a realtor, in which he is very successful. He always enjoys assisting families in pursuing the American Dream. 


Doug’s mission is to Flip the 113 and fire longtimer Jay Hoffman (22 years) and his buddy Mike Madigan. For far too long, their assault on Illinois’ pocketbook and values has affected so much to us that it’s got to come to an end sooner than later. Doug also wants to lower taxes, create jobs and end corruption in Springfield. He also wants to improve education and fight for veterans. Bringing Southern Illinois values to Springfield at this point is a mega priority, as you can read about his Priorities on his website. 

He wants YOU to help join the #Flipthe113 movement and Fire Madigan!



District 113 covers mostly St Clair County, but covers the communities of Madison and Venice as well as parts of Granite City.

To learn more about Doug, please check out the following links and stay up-to-date:

Facebook page


Statistical Atlas page for Dist. 113

contact: (815) 277-9038,

If you would like to join the fight, text ELECTJAMESON to 22828!