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Why isn’t Hal Patton running as a Republican?

Short version of the story: In September 2017, Patton announced his candidacy for the Republican ticket in Illinois’ 56th House district, and was the only candidate to do so in late November. He was removed from the ballot in January 2018 after it was discovered that he signed Democrat Katie Stuart’s petition. (State law prohibits a person from running of one party after signing the election petition of another party’s candidate.) He appealed, and the Illinois Supreme Court granted a stay of the lower court’s decision until the case was heard by the appellate court. While Patton’s name would still appear on the ballot, Madison County Clerk Debbie Ming-Mendoza said “votes for him won’t count”.  On March 10, 2018, Patton was removed again and in mid-April, announced his candidacy under a new party he formed, called Downstate United. This would allow Patton to run as a partisan candidate rather than an independent, which significantly reduces the barriers to ballot access. He successfully garnered the right amount of signatures to get on the November ballot.

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