Hal Patton – District 56

First things first – Hal is NOT running as a Republican, but on the ticket of the party he started – Downstate Illinois. He still holds true Republican values. For an explanation on what happened early in 2018, click here.

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Hal has always wanted to be part of the community and politics. He has more than achieved that aim. For twenty years he has worked for the people as a public servant. Hal is a family-practice dentist and the current mayor of Edwardsville. 

Open Letter from Hal Patton:
For years, I sat back like so many others, thinking the chaos in Springfield would get straightened out. But as long as Mike Madigan is in office, things will never change.
It is time for downstate Illinois voters to take back their representation, to speak as one voice about the things that matter most to us: fiscal responsibility, excellent schools, job opportunities for our hardworking people, and steadfast support for the First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
During my time as Mayor of Edwardsville, we have brought more than 4,000 new jobs to the local area, generating millions of dollars in new tax revenue that we’ve been able to invest in city services, pensions, and parks—all without raising property taxes.
This record is in stark contrast to the state as a whole. Springfield has raised taxes—yet still suffers from a backlog of billions of dollars of unpaid bills and underfunded pensions.
I want to change this and to take my proven record of job creation and fiscal responsibility to the state level.
To do this, I will need your support. Mike Madigan and his Chicago friends will do everything they can to keep me from winning. Please consider signing up for campaign updates, donating, and, most importantly, voting for me on November 6th!

What do our Congressmen have to say about Hal? Check it out

“Hal Patton is a conservative Republican who understands that Illinois can’t tax and regulate its way to prosperity. His pro-growth, pro-taxpayer policies have led to the creation of over 4,800 jobs in the Metro East area and an unemployment rate well below the state average” – John Shimkus
“Hal knows how to get the job done. He understands that high taxes, wasteful spending, and government regulation have put Illinois jobs at risk. A vote for Hal is a vote against the Madigan machine” – Mike Bost
“Hal Patton fights for downstate Illinois every day.  He will be an advocate for protecting taxpayers in the Metro East. Hal will stand up to the career politicians in Springfield every day to make sure that the residents of the 56th Senate District have a state government that they can trust” – Rodney Davis
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