The state of Illinois, as we all are aware, is struggling. In 2018, Illinois became the sixth-most populated state in the US, after several years at fifth place. Residents have moved in big numbers in recent years; in fact, every three minutes a resident moves out of the Land of Lincoln. Regular folks, even the wealthy, are sick of being taxed like crazy. Career politicians (mostly if not all, Democrats) are the huge part of the problem.

With the exception of Governor Rauner, we hope to see a big change in leadership in this great state very soon. It’s time to rock Springfield! Here are the candidates that will appear on the November 6 ballot. Please check out and get to know every one of them!

brucerauner2         Bruce Rauner, Governor

erikaharold     Erika Harold, Attorney General

jasonhelland     Jason Helland, Secretary of State

jimdodge     Jim Dodge, Treasurer

darlenesenger      Darlene Senger, Comptroller


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