Kerry Wolff


From Wolff’s Facebook page:

My life has always revolved around Faith, Family, and Service.
My wife Gina and I were married in 1997, and have 2 school-aged children. Gina is an Eastern Illinois University graduate, with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Butler University, and works as a pharmacist.
After working out of state, my wife Gina & I moved home to Altamont in 2010 so our kids could attend Altamont Lutheran School with their many cousins, and grow up together around their Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, and Uncles.
I grew up learning about hard work and dedication to family, along with life’s ups and downs on our south-central Illinois family dairy and grain farm. My parents were 4-H Leaders, and my brothers and I were very active in 4-H and FFA.
After earning a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois, I worked professionally in agriculture for 19 years, financial services for 10 years, and solar power for farms, small businesses, and homeowners for 3 years. The common thread in each of these roles has been serving as an advisor to my clients, helping them solve problems, improve their businesses, build, save, and invest for their futures.
Along the way, I’ve often been asked to serve my community, and have been blessed to have the opportunities to do so. I’ve been an officer in Kiwanis and a downtown Merchant’s association when we were out of state. I’ve served on Church Council, Financial Board, and been a church officer for the congregations to which we belonged. Since returning home, I served on the Board of Directors of our Lutheran School, and have been elected twice to our public school board in Altamont. I even had to learn about soccer and helped coach a youth soccer team one season!
Today’s political climate in Washington is overrun by an elite political class who are more interested in battling each other in a scorched-earth war for control & power, rather than doing the right thing by representing the best interests of their constituents back home.
My pledge to you is to always approach the job in our House of Representatives as a SERVANT to the voters who have put their trust in me to represent THEIR conservative values & interests, NOT the interest of the elite establishment.
I will always provide Real Conservative Leadership on your behalf in Washington. I will stand up against the Liberal, Socialist agenda, and will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, the Life of the Unborn, and Religious Liberty.

I believe we need a less intrusive, financially responsible government. We can achieve a prosperous, job-friendly America, by reducing regulation so our small and large businesses can thrive.

We need common-sense immigration reform that secures our border, while providing a clear and reasonable path for those who want to pursue the American Dream.

I believe now is our opportunity to shift the power of government away from the political elite, and back to the PEOPLE. My promise to you is to always SERVE you the voter, with REAL. CONSERVATIVE. LEADERSHIP.
Thank You, and God Bless.
Kerry Wolff,
Republican for Congress

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