Kurt Prenzler – Chairman

Prenzler is the current Madison County Board Chairman, elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020.


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PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT. Getting the job done for Madison County!

Here are some of his proud accomplishments:

  • Taxes reduced. County Board reduced the county tax levy – $1.8 million less than what was approved the year before, and did not increase that levy the next year.
  • No kill goal achieved. Animal Care and Control. Partnered with local rescue groups to make county animal shelter “No Kill”. In 2018, we achieved that goal. 92 percent of both dogs and cats were “saved.” In 2016 (before I was Chairman), only 37 percent of cats and 67 percent of dogs were saved. Increased community-outreach for more humane treatment of abandoned pets.
  • $220,000 also saved. Not only did we achieve our “no kill” goal, but we reduced the cost of the department by $220,000, from $770,000 to $550,000.
  • Turned around Metro East Sanitary District. The newly appointed board has: a) reduced level of Horseshoe Lake to increase storage capacity, b) cleaned ditches and canals, c) repaired pumps, d) turned around an organization that lost $8.5 million in the prior ten years solidly into the black.
  • Reduced printing costs. We installed a “managed print services” program, which will save $7 – 8,000/month.
  • No more “honor system” for county employees. We installed a computerized time clock system. Before I was elected, most employees filled out their time sheets on the “honor” system. Employees are now arriving at 8:30 and leaving at 4:30.
  • Standardized computer purchasing. Before my administration, every brand, model, and make was purchased. By standardized, we are able to save money in the IT department.
  • Turned around Special Services No. 1. This sanitary sewer district is managed by the county, but doesn’t use tax money. It serves 6,000 customers north and east of Granite City. Before I was elected, SSA#1 lost $70,000. In 2017, we made $550,000. The 2018 numbers are not yet final, but our profit in 2018 will be even larger. Better management means fewer people are calling with wet basements.
  • Repairing jail and saving money at the same time. Six years ago, the former administration tried to borrow $18.8 million without voter approval, to renovate the jail. As you remember, we gathered 23,600 signatures on petitions to block that. Now we’re repairing years of deferred maintenance – better, at lower cost and without taking on debt. This is a win – win for everyone.

And we’ve done that in the face of opposition.


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