Mark Rabe – Circuit Judge for Third Judicial Court




After flunking out of the University of Illinois, Mark got hired at a coal mine near his home. He operated heavy equipment in his five years there. During the last three years, Mark worked full time at the mine on midnight shift while enrolled full-time at SIU. After graduating, Mark enrolled at Harvard Law School; he obtained his law degree in June 1986.

Mark’s legal career began at Bryan Cave in St. Louis, He first worked in Corporate, where he formed corporations, worked on mergers and acquisitions, and participated in two initial public offerings of stock. He then moved to Litigation, where he worked on products liability cases, defense of Federal white-collar criminal investigations, and provided regulatory and contracts advice. In 1991, Mark moved to Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal. His practice there focused on McDonnell Douglas’ lawsuit challenging the cancellation of the A-12 aircraft. He served as Discovery Officer on the case, which remains the largest lawsuit ever brought against the United States in the U.S. Court of Claims. He also continued his white collar criminal defense work, as well as providing government contract and regulatory advice.

In November 1995, Mark left private practice and started his in-house career. In his 21 years at McDonnell Douglas (and later Boeing), Mark variously was responsible for all legal matters related to a multi-billion dollar business unit, managed numerous litigation matters, and gave regulatory, business and contract formation and interpretation advice to his clients. From July 2000 through August 2003, Mark worked for Boeing in various Seattle offices. His Boeing career also involved developing, defending or pursuing untold numbers of contract and regulatory disputes. He was laid off from Boeing in August 2017.

Personal life: Mark and his wife Cindy have been married for 38 years. They have two daughters, aged 34 and 30, both of whom live in the Seattle area. Mark and Cindy are also blessed with two granddaughters, aged three and ten months. They also have one dog and one cat, and reside in Edwardsville.


From Harvard Law School, to two of the nation’s top law firms, to the most successful aerospace company in the world, Mark’s career encompassed the highest quality legal training and advice. The wide assortment of legal matters he managed gives him a breadth of experience that few lawyers can equal. Just in litigation matters alone, Mark created claims, filed suit, defended claims, handled discovery, developed litigation strategies, appeared in court on motions and at trial, served as the client, paid the bills and even testified as a witness.

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